Double Trouble: 8-Year-Old Twin Boxing Sensations Will Knock You Out

If you’re not familiar with Daniel and Steven Grandy, you will be sooner rather than later. The twins were recently featured on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” hosted by Steve Harvey.

According to the show’s website:

Eight year old brothers, Daniel and Steven started boxing when they were just 3 years old. They live in Philadelphia where they train together, play together and even coach each other. In fact, coaching each other is what really got them noticed when their dad posted a video of them working the mitts together online. The video went viral and was shared by Snoop Dogg, George Lopez, Shaquille O’Neil, 50 Cent and other celebrities. It was also featured on Fox Sports, ESPN and numerous boxing outlets.

Since that time, their videos have received millions of views and their popularity continues to grow with each post and appearance.

The twins shocked Harvey and the audience by displaying their boxing skills. The dynamic duo even showcased some jump roping skills that left Harvey in the dust.

Here’s the video that caught everyone’s attention:

This isn’t the first time the show has featured a pint-sized pugilist. Last year Harvey held a heavy bag in place while Evnika Saadvakass threw well over 130 punches in under 30 seconds.

Could we see a celebrity boxing match down the road for these little phenoms?