Double-O Dominator: Dominick Cruz Details His Secret Mission To Middle East

Dominick Cruz doesn’t have a fight lined up at the moment but the former UFC champion has been incredibly busy outside the cage. Part of his recent daily agenda was a secret mission that was classified until now.

Special Agent Cruz was nice enough to share the details of his secret mission overseas with TMZ Sports.

Here’s the raw video of Cruz hitting pads with Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and four-star General Paul J. Selva:

Although Cruz had to go dark while overseas completing his secret mission, he still managed to sneak some interesting videos of his USO trip. Considering Cruz’s busy schedule between fighting and his broadcasting career, it’s nice to see he can still make time for our troops overseas.

Maybe he even picked up some great recipes for fight camps from Chef Robert Irvine while the two were in the Middle East.

Nothing better than a push-up contest when visiting our military!

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