#WTFriday: MMA Fan Tempts Fate By Heckling Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is one of the most frightening fighters in MMA history. During a recent Q & A session however, one fan thought they’d show up the knockout artist.

Needless to say Johnson, in the midst of weight cutting and closing in on the biggest fight of his career, wasn’t amused.

There’s a time and a place for heckling but I don’t think testing the patience of a dehydrated knockout artist is one of them. Luckily for everyone in the room, it seems the issue was quickly resolved without Johnson having to go into “Rumble” mode. Make a note MMA fans, “Rumble” is not a guy to be messed with both in and out of the cage.

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H/t Reddit User teh_g0at1