A Real Lunatic? WWE’s Dean Ambrose Says He’ll Fight Anyone In MMA If The Price Is Right

Dean Ambrose plays “The Lunatic Fringe” role on WWE television. However, his latest statement will have MMA fans believing he’s no longer just playing a character.

The current WWE intercontinental champ spoke to The Sun about the idea of trading in his wrestling boots for a pair of four-ounce gloves.

“I’ll fight anyone for enough money,” Ambrose said. “Give me half-a-million dollars. Put them in the ring, I’ll do it right now, I’ll do it tonight.”

The WWE star is currently slated to defend his title against The Miz at WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Although Ambrose is game to face anyone if the money is right, odds are we won’t ever see him compete in a MMA match. He doesn’t have the background of Brock Lesnar or the cult following of CM Punk.

Still, the UFC is always looking for pay-per-view draws so who knows maybe they can work something out with the pro-wrestling giant. What MMA star would you like to see “The Lunatic Fringe” square off against?