Fighter Leaves Cage After Wild Fight With Ear Biting, Head Butting And Garbage

Diego Brandao’s post-UFC run was going surprisingly well. The Ultimate Fighter 14 winner had scored a pair of exciting victories (including a helicopter arm bar finish) but all of that momentum came to a screeching halt this weekend.

Brandao faced Akhmed Aliev in the main event of EFN’s Fight Nights Global 73. The fight appeared to be your standard MMA bout until the second round. Aliev was in Brandao’s guard when the fight quickly spiraled out of control. It appeared as though Aliev landed some illegal headbutts or moved his fingers into the eyes of Brandao. As the referee separated the two, Brandao threw an illegal upkick to the neck of Aliev.

As if the situation weren’t bad enough, Brandao decided he’d had enough and looked to make a quick exit.

While it appears Aliev initially starts the madness at first glance, Brandao may have instigated Aliev’s actions.

So… at 0:05 it looks like Diego actually bites Aliev's ear? Things spiral out of control after that. https://t.co/eyCXgywgTE

— caposa(@Grabaka_Hitman) September 4, 2017

The Fight Night Global cards have a knack for delivering some whacky moments and this was certainly one of the wildest scenes in recent memory.