Fishing For A Fight: Michael Phelps Says He’ll Spot Conor McGregor 50-Meters… And Still Win

Conor McGregor is likely still counting the money he made from his bout with Floyd Mayweather but the UFC champion could already have his next outing planned.

While the UFC would love to get their champion back in the Octagon, what initially began as a joke is seemingly taking on a life of its own. The idea of McGregor racing against Michael Phelps popped up across social media following the Irishman’s bout with Mayweather. Phelps helped stoke the fire by posing a hypothetical challenge.

Appearing at an opening of an Under Armor store in Dubai, Phelps laid out some premature plans of how a potential race would go down.

“If we did it in a year, and I trained for a year, or even six months, I could probably go 48 seconds if I had to,” Phelps said. I don’t see him breaking a minute. So I could probably beat him with a 50-meter head start.”

The odds of this happening are astronimaclly low. Yet, plenty of people said the same about McGregor facing Mayweather in a boxing ring. Phelps is no stranger to celebrity exhibition matches either. Earlier this year, the 23-time Olympic gold medalist faced off against a (virtual) shark in a race to see who could swim faster.

Considering the level of success Phelps has enjoyed, facing perhaps the greatest Olympic athlete of all time in a pool is a more daunting task than facing Mayweather in a boxing ring. Still, McGregor loves the opportunity to cash in on the biggest stage so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we hear about a Phelps-McGregor showdown.

It can’t be any worse than Phelps’ not infamous “race” with a great white shark in July:

h/t NBC Sports