Amateur Fighter Becomes Internet Star After Landing One of the Year’s Most Insane KOs

Professional MMA debuts tend to be a strenious night for most MMA fighters. Most go in to battle looking to pick up a win and validate the hard work they’ve done to reach that point of their careers. Ollie Flint decided just picking up a W wasn’t enough. He needed to become a viral sensation across the Internet.

Flint was competing against Aaron Gray at Shock n’ Awe 26. Although the event took place earlier this year, SportsCenter featured the fight-ending KO just recently. Since then, the highlight clip has not only found a home on SportsCenter’s Top 10 list, but also across MMA websites.

The KO is something straight out of the EA UFC games. Flint’s KO is when you’re playing against your little brother and he just mashes buttons until he hits an out of this world knockout.

As great as the knockout was, it’s not all great news for Flint. Instead of picking up a win, the result was overturned to a no contest due to an error by the timekeeper. It’s such a shame that the young man loses a W but at least the timekeeper can’t take away his internet fame.

Check out the full fight here: