Bearly Legal: Khabib Nurmagomedov Gets Primal, Taps Old Nemesis As Sparring Partner

Khabib Nurmagomedov is gearing up for a return to the Octagon and he’s bringing some interesting sparring partners to help him get ready.

The surging lightweight contender posted a video that shows Nurmagomedov is willing to do whatever it takes to prepare for his return bout. Instead of bringing in the usual suspects of a training camp such as world-class kickboxers or grapplers, Nurmagomedov is taking things to a primal level.

It looks like Misha is ready to exact his revenge. You’ll recall, a young Nurmagomedov grappled with a bear and feels he took home a win from their session years ago. I guess it’s a win if you wrestle with a bear and don’t end up looking like this guy.

Misha vs. Nurmagomedov has the makings to be a great story of revenge. The UFC loves a good grudge match and although its scheduled to be only a sparring session, it looks as if Misha isn’t coming to San Jose to simply get some rounds in. If we don’t get a full series of Embedded Series vlogs or a “Countdown” show, it’ll possibly be the UFC’s biggest missed opportunity of 2017.