Work In Progress: With Her MMA Career Seemingly Over, Ronda Rousey Preps For WWE

We haven’t seen much of Ronda Rousey since her loss to Amanda Nunes but the former UFC champion is keeping an active lifestyle. This regimen appears to include training inside the squared circle for a potential WWE appearance.

Rousey posted a teaser trailer for the debut of her upcoming website, RondaRousey.com. In the short clip, Rousey can be seen using a hip toss and working on a hammerlock tie-up with Natalya. There’s also a few seconds of Rousey working out at the WWE Performance Center.

The clips are very brief but it does appear we’re getting closer to Rousey appearing in WWE again. The women’s MMA icon made a one-off appearance at WrestleMania , assisting The Rock in a segment with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The segment did well and the WWE considered bringing Rousey back for an eventual showdown with McMahon but Rousey’s schedule never worked out for another appearance.

That is until her friend and fellow “Four Horsewomen” member Shayna Baszler competed in The Mae Young Classic earlier this year. Baszler’s success in the tournament and in transitioning to pro wrestling, helped stage a promo in which Rousey’s crew faced off against some of the best WWE has to offer. The promo received heavy criticism for Rousey’s acting performance but still generated plenty of buzz across social media.

UFC President Dana White recently commented on Rousey’s status with the UFC, saying he’s not interested in Rousey returning to the Octagon. The time would seem to be now for Rousey to make a run at WWE considering she doesn’t have the time constraints of an UFC fight on the horizon and already has a close connection within the WWE brand.

Whether or not Rousey’s eventual WWE run will work given that her aura of invincibility has been completely shattered for MMA fans remains to be seen. However, if there’s one company who can recreate the image of the unstoppable Rousey, it’s most certainly the WWE.