Former MMA fighter Chris Reilly was once a champion, earning three belts throughout his combat sports career. You’d expect to find these belts displayed over a fireplace mantle or in a trophy case at the Reilly home. And that’s likely where they’d be if a moving company hadn’t lost them.

Reilly’s horror story was recently profiled by the investigation team at NBC Los Angeles. According to the report, Reilly had the title belts along with other possessions in a storage unit. FlatRate Moving eventually moved locations and seemingly lost Reilly’s possessions.

“I had no information as to where they had gone,” Reilly said to NBC Los Angeles. “I’m talking about a life’s worth of memories and histories.”

Reilly has been trying for months to locate his items with no luck. Even worse, the storage company has seemingly gone dark, only replying to emails that didn’t include NBC Los Angeles’ investigation team. While Reilly was able to retrieve some of his lost items, his title belts remain missing. Still, the former MMA champ turned coach realizes that while he may not have the physical belts, the memories will still remain.

“I do still have the memories,” Reilly said. “The accomplishments are still mine.”