Crushing Loss: Georgia Fan Channels His Inner ‘Rampage’ By Destroying Unsuspecting Door

The National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs proved to be an all-time classic. One upset Georgia fan also provided a classic moment for MMA fans after the game ended.

The Bulldogs were up 13-0 at halftime and lead 20-7 at one point. However, Nick Saban rolled the dice and put his true freshman QB in the game to start the second half. The team seemed to be energized by the mood and the Crimson Tide rolled their way to tie the game late in the fourth quarter. The game would eventually go to overtime and came to a climatic finish as Tua Tagovailoa threw a perfect pass to DeVonta Smith.

The shocking result left one Bulldogs fan in a fit of rage that he decided to take out on his door.

MMA fans may have had flashbacks to “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights” when Quinton “Rampage” Jackson decided to vent his frustration on an innocent door.

Perhaps the dark horse contender to take home the “Best Door Breaker” award is Tito Ortiz. He didn’t have the theatrics of “Rampage” or the upset fan, but kudos to Ortiz for mashing the door down with a single strike.

So, the question is, who did it better? Upset Georgia fan, “Rampage” or Ortiz?