Mixed Martial Art: Chuck Liddell Takes Trip To ‘The Shadow Realm’ Courtesy of Fan-Made Comic

You can go ahead and stop trying for the rest of the day. MMA fan and aspiring artist Barry Keegan has won the Internet.

Your first question might be, who the heck is Barry Keegan? He happens to be a Reddit user and comic book fan. Under the username keeganb2000, he had previously posted a small preview of an MMA-themed mini comic entitled, “The Shadow Realm.” Earlier today, Keegan released the full version of his work and needless to say, the MMA world has been abuzz about it.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “The Shadow Realm” is a place r/MMA fans love to use when describing vicious knockouts. In Keegan’s example, he uses Chuck Liddell as the main focus of the story. Many would say “The Iceman” was sent to “The Shadow Realm” following his KO loss to “Suga” Rahsad Evans at UFC 88. Keegan even manages to throw a little jab at the UFC commentators (Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan) for always saying things about the look in Chuck’s eyes.

It’s a great piece of art that MMA fans should enjoy so if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the full clip. Hopefully, we can get Keegan to do some more work around the world of MMA.